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A slowly constructed, crowquilled confession. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is going to cost me. [Oct. 4th, 2006|02:18 pm]
[music |Traffic and trams...]

I'm sitting in an internet cafe on Brunswick st and I don't know what the rate is, but I've been here close to an hour already.  It feels good to be in touch though.  The last few days have been an insane whirlwind of driving, unpacking, drinking and staying out till the sun comes up.  Last night was the first chance I had to relax with my housemates in a setting where we weren't entertaining or going anywhere.  Anastasia and I climbed up onto our roof and smoked a spliff and talked about our new lives while looking over the rooftops and parks of our amazing city.  I wouldn't have thought that things could have gotten better, but this morning I got a call from the people in charge over at Dean's Art Supplies over on Gertrude st, asking me if I would come and see them.  Unsuprisingly the business is run by enterprising and welcoming italians, who seemed very pleased to tell me that they had a full time position available.  I've got a trial there on Monday.  Things are looking up and I can't wait to see what happens next.  For once my days are unpredictable.

Missing the predictable nature of places like Essen and the friends who I find there.  x

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She said "Hey man, we have to leave this town." [Sep. 29th, 2006|08:53 pm]



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DAMN [Sep. 19th, 2006|09:51 pm]
[music |Young Widows]

So scratch my last post, everyone - I was informed today that due to unforseen circumstances my party won't be happening at Linda's.  NO PARTY AT LINDA'S.   How annoying.  Guy and Kate are having a housewarming on Saturday night though so everyone should just come to that and party with me there after Chrissy's thing.  Whatever.  It's my last weekend in Canberra! arhg

Work was shit today.  The sun was nice though. 
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PRTY FCKS. [Sep. 17th, 2006|11:45 pm]
[music |TAAS - Abracadabraca]

So I was going to make a cool flyer and everything, but being very busy and very tired has forced me to be a lazy fuck when it comes to this.  So here we go - 
My farewell party will be taking place this friday the 22nd of September at Linda's house.   (25 own cres lyneham.)
There will be beer, music and friends celebrating their short-lived close proximities.  YOU ARE INVITED!  So please come and hang out.  

My weekend was both hectic and trashy, chilled and relaxing.  We saw a guy get assaulted and knocked out in Kings Cross.  We ran over a dead wombat on the Hume.  I went to work on three hours sleep and didn't get any more for another 24.  Two photoshoots in two days.  I've also been helping Guy and Kate move into their new place in Braddon.  It's a two storey Duplex that screams "mindblowing housewarming party".  It also has a couple of spooky rooms upstairs and the most amazing bathroom you've ever seen.  Pink walls and leopard print shower curtain.  At the same time I've been sorting, organising and packing my own stuff in preparation.  Throwing away the old memories in anticipation of the new.  Less than two weeks now and I'm counting every minute of every day.  Things are about to get very exciting.

I gave in and downloaded the new These Arms Are Snakes album today.  It's called Easter and on the strength of one listen it's pretty much just as incredibly dynamic, expansive and creative as their last effort.  This band never ceases to amaze me.  They are just one of those outfits whose vision is so focused, so controlled - every aspect of what they're doing has been artfully tailored, from the artwork to the lyrics.  I have so much respect for that.  You should get into this band though.  They're heavy, they're danceable, epic, arrogant yet honest post - everything - core that just works on every level imaginable.  It's caressing my brain beautifully right now.

I suppose sleep is in order.  A lovely way to waste time.
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Big news. [Sep. 4th, 2006|08:07 pm]
[music |Gang Of Four - Return the gift]

Hey, hello livejournal. It sure has been a while. It feels increasingly weird to look back at the days before I finished school and entries were a regular, almost daily occurence. I suppose when I had studies and tasks set to stimulate me mentally, this journal thing was a way of keeping in touch with friends and chronicling my (mostly insipid) day - to day existence. Livejournal was a place to regale each other with our own spin on how fucking drunk we got on the weekend, how good that show was, etc - not a place for drawn out theories or essays. When school finished I went through a period of writing extended, thought out blogs, an attempt at filling the overwhelming intellectual void caused by the lack of assignments and required reading. It wasn't long before full time work sapped whatever creative energy I had left - time spent not working was spent investing as little zest as possible in whatever activity I was doing, unless of course it was a pastime dedicated to destroying the memory of work even more (such as drinking or playing shows); these were (and are) performed with great gusto. Still, between 9 to 5 weeks and Melbourne - to - Sydney weekends, there hardly seems time to update this thing anymore. Which is sad because god knows there are a lot more interesting things happening in my life now than there were a year or two years ago. Not until now though has anything stood out enough to make me sit down and tap out a shpiel soley devoted to informing you all, friends and strangers, about recent developements.

So here we go - In approximately 25 days I'm moving to Melbourne. We're playing a show there on the 30th of Sept and I've finally decided to stop putting it off and just do it - I won't be coming back. Anastasia and Pip have secured an incredible house in south Carlton. It's a one story terrace wedged into the inner - city urban fabric with the sort of haphazard disrespect to planning that you just don't find in Canberra, and that's what I love about it. My room is tiny, a veritable box that will probably hold a bed and my cd collection and not much more - but for seventy dollars a week rent, not to mention a ten minute walk to the city, five minute stumble home from Brunswick st, and ridiculously cheap cab fare from just about anywhere worth going, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Not to mention that however cramped the room, the house containing it will not be dominated by anal retentive parents, and we will be free to decorate and behave however we see fit in our little slice of the city. This includes coming home blind drunk at three in the morning, finding friends already sitting round the kitchen table smoking cigarettes, then drinking more and dancing to Minus The Bear in the lounge room until five am, as we did a couple of weeks ago when I checked out the place for the first time. As you can tell, I'm reasonably fucking excited. There will be challenges - saving enough money, finding a new job, convincing my parents to let me take the car, not dying from excessive alchohol, nicotine and mi goreng consumption to name a few - but in the end I can't think of anything that would make me happier right now than to do this.

I will be having a going away party/drinks so listen out for that. I might be leaving Canberra but that doesn't mean I don't love you all, and I want my last month here to be a damn great one. Y&R play at Toast on sept 15th Ug Beats so come party. There will be much floating around between Essen, Civic pub, Pheonix, Toast, Transit bar and all the other nooks and crannies of this town before I go - and now everytime something happens, it may be the last time, for a long while. I'm just going to enjoy what's left.


PS. And if anybody needs a full - time job (and has a reasonable artistic bent), my position at The Art Store Braddon is up for grabs - come in with a resume and a cover letter, and be good, because I want someone good as the "new me" ...please?
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2006|05:09 pm]
[music |Artimus Pyle - Shitstorm]

Oh, and come to this tomorrow night.

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Shows for y'all [Feb. 2nd, 2006|12:56 pm]
[music |4dead - My sweetheart's name is excessive violence]

This isn't a post so much as a shamless piece of self - promotion.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Everybody come to that and hurt a person.

Oh, and come to the civic youth centre on friday. Young And Restless are playing at 5.40, followed by Strong Like Sam + others, and I think it's free. If you live in Sydney, come to Brighton Up Bar 77 Oxford st that same night and see us play with Derby, I think we are on at 11. We are then going to get ridiculously hammered, it should be a great night.
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I know it's all been done before...I want to do it again. [Jan. 17th, 2006|11:36 pm]
[music |CTTS]

Mouth the words to deny the symptoms, 'oh yeah I'm doing fine', as I've found a most endearing psychosis. Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear. Desperate as I am I just can't strip bare and bleed the only purity I've known. But I lay with reason, found logic conceived in a walk with skin. I lay with reason producing these monsters. Underpainted catcalls as in temptation. Yeah there's a key to be in, but there's no shade, no shade to blame.

Waterfalls in a cool grey, and the struggle is colored grey this day. The caw of crows fills up the picture plane. Our picture plane is veiled in central neutral grey. Absinthe to slight the pain. This world's this worst case color scheme. Streaks of oil stain, stained the road he crawled on homeward. Oh yeah, oh yeah he killed the switch with some unwieldy gauge, absence and light remain. I lay with reason found logic and reap in a walk with sin. El sueno razon produce monsinios.
When does this dream end? Now I've missed another whole season, I've missed the fall, clearly it's fallen on this land as fields once green are ochre now. This is no dream. Trees have turned to skeleton, roots teased and knotted just below the surface skin of ground. Stitched between the earth and the sky struggling to hold it down. Sometimes to realize you have to lose track of sight blurring my vision makes it clear the tiny moving parts make up the whole. The image is clear, a tower is built of my own pride, I cry in the shade that it offers, the only shelter I've known. When does this dream end? This is no dream. This is the waking living breathing charicature of a memory.
Shamelessly I cave in to temptation of creation. But still my only thrill is empty sidewalks, silent streets. The caw of crows fills up the picture plane. This is your picture plain in central neutral grey.
Life is lowly anonymity, in death a noble pose, a Marat David. Tell me who wouldn't give their lives for such a soap box to die behind. Life is lowly, lowly anonymity. In the space of a smile I found sleep. As in sorrow, so shall ye reap, as in reason so shall ye sleep. Reap the promised end to the struggle. Reap every point on our linear path. Reap the smiles in time we borrow, every harvest relies on the last. Reap the promising song of the sparrow, that they learned from the birth of the sea. Silenced by the threnody of the crows. Reap the fallen fruit of the dogwood tree. But I witnessed in all this silence one souls definition of beauty. A backlit smile so temporary. A facade so rich with evil history. Cast in direct opposition set to overwhelm his moment to shine and sleep-came out on top of what was borrowed, and found all that beauty to be still.
Every breath as in sorrow, reap the promised end to this path, by every image that we borrow, every harvest depends on the past.

Subdivide in factions our linear forever, we subdivide our waking hours to sleep. While guilty eyes turn toward a porchlight, enlightenment is losing sight. Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear. In this low light town when my shift begins the streets reflecting yellow, yellow, yellow in the vacancy that overwhelms the red, red, red, your vehicle the color of expansion. "Open up." the latter just a thought to thrill me. "knock knock knock" the latter just a thought to thrill me. "Red" is a four letter word. Four letter invitation. Now my head is locked in the direction of the sun...
Life is lowly anonymity, in death a noble pose, a Marat David. Tell me who wouldn't give their lives for such a soap box to leave behind. Life is lowly, lowly anonymity.
I know its all been done before, I want to do it again. I want to do it again.
Kill the switch.
This night our journey's through the dark.
Kill the switch, a welcome comatose, tonight we journey through the darkness.
As in sorrow, so shall ye weep, as in reason, so shall ye sleep.


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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2005|01:53 pm]
[music |Sunn o))) - Grimm and bear it]

My head hurts.

Went to Erin's last night. It had been a while. We had six people - myself, jake, julz, erin, glenn and some random from our school - and three cases of beer. Sat around the fire, drank and played guitar, and drank some more. The night also included a rowdy walk to the dickson shops to buy more cigarettes, i think we polished off a fresh pack on the walk back alone. Good times, good times. I felt a bit ill once we sat down again, but a quick chunder took care of that! All in all it was a pretty good effort, we got through almost all of the beer...luckily we didn't need to start on the goon...that comes tonight! haha

Speaking of tonight, the schedule is pretty action-packed. 5 pm sees Mara Jade play at Sound Underground, which should be fun(interspersed with pot belly refreshment visits). Then it's down to hughes for band practice with Y&R at 7. After that, cruising to Ainslie for the brisk birthday bash, and trying not to get too drunk. Then i have to make my way to the art school ball to play there in the early hours of the morning. damn. I need some amphetamines to get through this.


So yeah come out the Sound Underground show if you have nothing better to do....we will love you for it. We are on at 5. Go!

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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2005|03:27 pm]
[music |Terror]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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